Our process

The beauty of our business is that by sharing our passion, we can contribute to the growth of other businesses. Excellence and practical experience are at the core of our business. We innovate, design and supply tailor made solutions in all stages of the hatching cycle. That is what we call our ‘from scratch to hatch approach’.

By sharing our knowledge, we hope to guide hatcheries around the world in achieving their full potential. For over 15 years, we have been offering troubleshooting to help identify leverage points in the hatching process. Sometimes even the slightest changes can lead to major improvements.

How we work

The majority of the hatcheries invest in new equipment, such as incubators and inventory. However, for other hatcheries, used incubators may be a good alternative. Hatchcon trades and installs such inventories.

By doing so, we make high quality affordable. Simply by reusing and renovating equipment. With a lot of technical know-how, thought, and a bit of love the machines are made ready to hatch healthy chicks again.

Used incubators and inventories most often come from hatcheries that have discontinued their business, or are expanding and renewing the facilities. We travel to such hatcheries to observe and check if the equipment is in proper working order, and if it may still be used for at least another 15 years.

If we are convinced of the quality, everything is shipped to our headquarters in which all the parts are manually checked and if necessary repaired and tested again.

We are determined to equip our customers with value for money and have full confidence in the products we offer. Everything is fully checked prior to rebuilding and additionally, our services include installation. Our technical staff travels to the site and builds everything according to the standards of the original manufacturer.

Should technical errors occur, we offer around the clock support. If there is a problem we quickly supply spare parts, give advice or visit the hatchery to solve the matter ourselves.

We do what we say, and say what we do


“It’s my personal mission to help hatcheries around the world optimize their potential”

John Torsius, CEO
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